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Custom kitchens by Edgeline Renovations are truly one of a kind. All kitchens should have a blend of practicality and aesthetic design. We strive to create timeless kitchens for today’s busy life styles, and individually handcraft them to suite your home, where we merge our expertise with your personal requirements. Across a wide range of styles, they all feature great details and exceptional quality. Throughout this process, we listen, make suggestions and create solutions. We build our kitchens to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and they are installed by our team of skilled carpenters. Our goal is to bring a unique vision to both traditional and modern kitchen design.

Built-In Cabinetry

With an equal focus on design and craftsmanship, Edgeline Renovations provides clients with the finest renovated spaces, custom built-in cabinetry, and wall units. We work closely with each client to envision the space and craft cabinetry that compliments their individual life style, the newly renovated area, and home. Our projects have a refined goal to provide great design, outstanding craftsmanship and amazing results. Edgeline Renovations creates built in cabinetry that turns simple rooms into stunning spaces, as each wall unit blends seamlessly into your home and provides space for all of your personal collections. Our goal is to provide exceptional design, function, and superior level of craftsmanship into each installed piece – attention to detail is our mission.

Custom Bookcases & Walk-In Closets

Custom bookcases and walk-in closets are an Edgeline specialty. Individually crafted in our shop, they are available in a variety of painted, lacquered and natural wood finishes. We work closely with each client to ensure their new closet space is renovated to reflect exactly how they dreamed it would be.

Bathrooms & Laundry

Edgeline Renovations creates high standard cabinetry through our years of experience blending the best of old world techniques with modern day tools & practices. We put our skills & experience into motion, turning that design into reality which will exceed your expectations. We have the experience and design skills to renovate your bathrooms and laundry rooms to be modern, relaxing, efficient, and classy.

Home Office Cabinetry

Many people are working from home and it’s important to have a dedicated area in the home for this activity. A home office is a personal space that has unique requirements. Creating an environment that encourages you to be focused, organized and productive takes planning and expertise. We can help create the perfect space for you.